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neighbors say this home in buehrleing game isn't just offensive it's dangerous. the unusual steps they are taking to stop the sight and the stench. the new information we're gathering about the man who was guiding an oil tanker through the bay when it sideswiped the bay bridge. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a home surrounded by million dollars home has neighbors fed up and demanding action by the city. all new, eric rasmussen live where he got a live look at what has neighbors and the city very upset. >> reporter: at times it can be offensive to the eyes and the nose. for years they've been
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complaining about junk piling up inside and out even dead animals out here. even though the city recently got the owner to mow the front yard, some around here say that's not enough. from the front of the house on channing road you can see the junk. bruce betencourt lives next door he says the house has been abandoned for six years. from that time the neighbors have cataloged the mess. the neighbor planted these hedges so he doesn't look at it every day. >> the homes are quite valuable and we're stuck with this. >> reporter: neighbors say there's been an ongoing dispute between the properties between the two listed owners. michael o'brien and stepson
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john quilian. the city says it has been contacted by quilian who says he plans to move back in. >> when i pass it it makes me feel sad. >> reporter: in this neighborhood of million dollar homes, some wish the owners would take the money and run. >> all they have to do is sell that and they'd make tons of money. >> instead you're sitting here holding the bag. >> the whole neighborhood is yeah. it's an eyesore. >> reporter: today buehrleing game manager told me code enforcement can only document what they see from if street. the city is now talking to outside council to see if there's anything else it can do to get the owner of this property to clean things up. we're live in burlingame, eric rasmussen. police say they arrested four people. police tell us they received several calls around 1:00 this afternoon about a suspicious men or group of men in a field
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behind canyon oaks drive. around the same time an alarm company reported a burglar alarm. officers then converged on the area and quickly took three people into custody. a resident who heard all the commotion grabbed his own gun and he says he went downstairs to find the fourth suspect in his garage. >> i drew it and told him to get back down in the position he was in and he did. >> police say they arrested three juveniles and one adult who were being questioned. police say suspects all in their 20s rushed the shell station on loan tree way around 2:30 this morning. they were after alcohol you can see here some of the broken bottles in the parking lot. the clerk tried to stop him and that's when he say it is four men beat him up. no cash was stolen but the men did get away with some beer. a 19-year-old man pleaded not guilty to murder charges today for the new year's day
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crash into a san francisco corner market that killed two people. the attorney for david morales say it is incident is a tragic accident. morales is now being held on $10 million bail. he's accused of shooting three people in the mission district then evading police before crashing into the store at 21st street and south van nuys avenue. the san francisco archdiocese continued its mission to pray for each homicide victim in the city. first people gathered on third street to remember 30-year-old alex smith who died on new year's day. then mourners brought flowers and balloons to the site where a 26-year-old francisco gutierrez and gloria tuncun were killed by a speeding car also on new year's day. oakland police tonight are looking for a one away 15-year- old. i want to show you a picture of
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charles anderson. his mother and stepfather says charles left his home sunday afternoon after they argued about him going to see a friend. he turned 15 on new year's day but he is big for his age. 5'11" and 250 pounds. he also has the mental capacity of an 11-year-old. >> i just want him to know i'm not mad at him. call me, come home. everything will be perfectly fine. >> his mother says she has checked with friends and family and he's not with them. she's worried that he may be trying to get to atlanta where his father lives. continuing coverage on that oil tanker that sideswiped the golden gate bridge. we have now learned that captain guy kleess was guiding the tanker. kleess had 15 hours off duty.
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he now has 1,100 trips in the bay. bar pilots have seven days on seven off and earn over $250,000 a year. today investigators boarded the overseas raymar which is still anchored in the bay. investigators are conducting interviews including the bar pilot. they're also examining paper and electronic reports. they're also looking into the role of the coast guard vessel which acts like a traffic control system for ships in the bay. the maritime academy trains people using some of the best simulators. >> reporter: just like pilots
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learn on plane simulators, boat pilots train on ship simulators so problems like this one don't happen. the california maritime academy simulators account for nonhuman contingencies and uncontrols such as mechanical failures. >> you're going to have incidents because things have to be under your control. there'll be mechanical failures that you can't control. the difference is how you respond to them. >> reporter: on a clear day the bay bridge is completely avoidable. but drop the visible down to .25 like it was yesterday and things get very dicey. >> this is what the bay bridge looks like with a .25 visibility and we're much closer than a .25 of a mile. >> you really have to be able to multi task and get everybody working together and you have to rely on your bridge team. >> reporter: an that with ships from all corners of the world
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means dealing with people with different nationalities and communication. since simulators can create many types of situations, pilots can be confidence when if a what if turns into a what now. on ktvu you can find more on that collision. a moraga teenager's second chance of becoming an eagle scout has been blocked. allie rasmusen is live with how it all came down to one signature, allie. >> reporter: the teenager built this tolerance wall with anti
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bullying messages to get his eagle scout award. but he learned he will never get that eagle scout award. and now his father says that he has moved to an even bigger goal. getting the boy scouts to change that policy. >> he has said it himself. he doesn't want to see another boy scout go through what he's been through. and i'm proud of him for his stance. >> reporter: he created this tolerance wall for his final project but his application was denied back in september because he is openly gay. but last month lawrence got a second chance after the board decided to review his case. >> we were told last week that the council was going to approve this and move on. >> reporter: just this morning they learned ryan would not be getting the final signature needed to receive his eagle award. the boy scouts of america told us his application was denied because quote the young man
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stated he does not agree to scouting's policy of duty to god. >> we've asked over and over to explain what the áf is under this duty to god and nobody has been able to tell us anything. >> sexual orientation is not an issue when it comes to evaluating a scout's duty to god. >> smith says at some point in his application process ryan made some sort of statements denying his religion and that's why his application was rejected. ryan's family says that is simply not true. they believe their son's application was denied because of his sexual orientation. allie rasmus. governor brown slammed the allegations of prison allegations. >> i've read most of those. >> i read some of them.
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>> the senator pounded one of the reports. he says it's time to return to state control. >> california is a powerful state. we can run our own prisons. and by god let those judges give us our prisons back we'll run them right. >> brown said it would take -- he would take his fight to the u.s. supreme court if necessary. >> federal judges imposed a prison population cap back in 2009 after they found that overcrowding violates inmates constitutional rights. the state is already sending thousands of less serious offenders to local jails under a law passed just under a year ago. this new federal order would require california reduce the prison population by 33,000 more inmates to about 110,000 total prisoners by june. a city councilman in martinez is suggesting a parcel tax as a way of keeping one contra costa fire station open. the shell avenue station near the shell refinery in martinez is scheduled to close next week
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along with three others in the county. supervisors voted to close the stations last month after contra costa county voters rejected a property tax. but now martinez councilman mark ross says it's possible local residents would be willing to pitch in to keep their specific fire house open. two state lawmakers are proposing a tuition freeze at california's public colleges and universities. supporters say the seven day freeze is urgently needed. they say money from prop 30 should be used to keep tuition from climbing any further. >> tuition and fees at californian's public universities have quadrupled over the last few years. >> reporter: the total average cost of a uc school is now more than $31,000 a year and state schools are up to $23,000. from today's mild weather to freezing temperatures. in just seven minutes i'll tell
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you the detailed time line for a big drop in temperatures and the parts of the bay area that will be affected the most. can giant fans help in another come back. the virtual honor that's up for grabs and why buster posey desperately needs your vote. >> we'll show you how san jose plans to join the trend, that story in three minutes.
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the san francisco man acaused of setting his girlfriend on fire could be arraigned as soon as tomorrow. police say 22-year-old dexter oliver was arrested around 9:00 last night at a hotel in oakland. investigators say oliver threw gasoline on star lamar then lit her on fire. after the couple began fighting in a laundromat in the city's
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bay view district. family members say lamar will need numerous reconstructive surgeries and years to recover. open sidewalk cafes is something that is growing in popularity. the city is once again trying to promote park lets, robert handa has the story. >> reporter: we're at one of the only park cafes. and city officials say there should be more. if all goes as planned you will find outdoor tables all over the city. chilly weather didn't keep people away from cafe proscotti a park let in downtown san jose. these customers understand why the city wants more open cafes. >> i'm inside at home, i'm inside at work, i'm inside so much of the day that it's just nice to be outside. to get some fresh air, sunshine. >> i just like the hustle and bustle of the city. it's got the charm of places like san francisco but it doesn't have the density of it.
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>> reporter: cafe biscotti benefited from the first attempt when san jose took up the cause. today the city council is expected to approve a pilot program to allow five businesses to convert but this time those businesses will pay for their own expansion estimated add $59,000. owner wynn says it will boost business. >> many years ago we had pornography here, now it's been cleaned up. we have more than enough parking what we need are more opportunities for pedestrians. >> on the street if it's a lot of traffic, you're breathing exhaust and the cars are right there. i don't know. >> reporter: but the cafe owner says that the planters do the trick. >> you don't notice you're sitting on the street. it's just like a little patio.
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>> if approved councilman ricardo says san jose will monitor the plan. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a pair of clubs want to keep the music player a little longer on weekends. the zen and monte carlo are asking the city to let them play music until 1:30 in the morning thursdays through sundays. that's half an hour later than they are currently allowed. if approved at a hearing tomorrow the clubs will get a six month permit. san jose mayor reed says the police's well known budget problems are not affecting the pool of police chief candidates. >> we got a lot of resources, candidates want to come here because it's a great place to be a police chief. >> the department has lost officers due to budget cuts which has some questioning if a top candidate would want to take the job. but reed says the process for hiring a new chief is on track. and on schedule. today the council reviewed
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questions that will be used to screen potential candidates. >> google will soon be the largest provider of free wifi access in new york city. the tech giant said today it will provide google wifi outdoors to a 10 block zone in the chelsea neighborhood. it will also provide indoor coverage to the areas public housing. google's new york headquarters is in chelsea, google already provides free wifi in its hometown of mountain view. autodesk has expanded its intention to buy a german company. the german company has a line of products used by the auto industry. it's cool outside right now and it's going to get colder. that's sort of the weather headline. we have weather coming but the real story is going to be the
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cold air left behind. it's chilly out there right now. temperatures 46 in nevato. 59 in santa rosa and 46 in fairfield so temperatures on the chilly side as we go into tonight it's going to be another cold one. but not as cold as thursday morning and friday morning. rainfall for this system light. one hundredth -- .01 of an inch to .1 of an inch. this is a cold one. when you get the cold latitude ones they are warmer, wetter. colder, drier that's what we've got. the cold air gets in here. the main story is going to be those freezing temperatures on thursday and friday morning. that's what we'll be talking about most. chance of scattered showers tomorrow. but not a deal breaker on your day. you're not going to be shutting down anything because of these light showers. blustery as we go into our extended forecast. here comes the system. it is weak in its dynamics.
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it rolls through tomorrow afternoon. maybe a sprinkle. certainly clouds. then it moves through that's when the real weather gets here the cold air. it settles in the sky is clear or relatively clear: partly cloudy, partly sunny and the temperatures plummet. those are the kinds of things we're looking at. the system moves off, the cold stays. daytime highs low 50s. some areas may not get out of the upper 40s on those days. the forecast then for tomorrow or tomorrow morning, cloudy. there come the clouds, warm air, cold air is not here yet. the cold air is still back here. 2:00 chance of a shower, back edge of the front here. scattered shower maybe wednesday at 5:00. look at the cold air and that settles in as we go through the evening the sky is clear and it gets gets real chilly. the forecast high, cooler than they were today by a few degrees. we had some low 60s today. tomorrow we have mid- and upper 50s. the five day forecast reflects
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very cool weather around here until we get through the thursday and friday. look at the daytime highs julie on thursday and friday. some places 49, 48 degrees for a daytime high on thursday. >> i was looking at those >> yeah. lows. >> those are really cold. >> a lot of plants are going to be having trouble on those mornings. >> all right. >> thank you, bill. california could soon leave the country in an effort to reduce youth homelessness. state senator carol lu and members of the california council on youth relations released a 10 point action plan to help young people who are living on the streets. the plan calls for policy changes like improving educational opportunities and affordable housing programs. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. a resident fights off an intruder inside his home and the ended death of the intruder. we just spoke to police on what they're saying about the confrontation of two guns and a knife. also it looks like enough is enough. at least when it comes to
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yosemite visitor why it soon may be a tougher ticket. the gold rush is on. ktvu sports director mark ibanez is next with the 49ers quarterback preparing for his first play off game. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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the voting is on for the cover of the new mlb13 video game and giant's catcher buster posey is on the list. the national league mvp is one of seven stars who are in the running to be the cover athlete. posey says a vote for him is a vote for the entire world series champion san francisco giants. at last check though he was down in sixth place. the contest ends friday night. >> people need to start voting. >> san -- frank is here. people are starting to talk football. >> i guess one of the big questions was with regard to the change to kaepernick against smith. what about when you go to the postseason then you have an unexperienced quarterback. just one play in the opener, that was 17-yard run that set up day visit akers and his 63-
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yard field goal. he was asked today about his first postseason game. pretty much approaching it like an old pro. >> i don't know. i think it's because i've been playing football for so long. i mean, i think i've said before this is my 17th year of football. so i mean, football is football once you get on the field. i don't think you have to be vocal to be a leader. at the quarterback position you're going to have to speak up at times but i mean i think you can lead more by your actions and showing people that you're prepared and the decisions you make on the field. >> all right and of course you will see that game right here on channel 2. pregame stuff starts at 2:00. being a sports caster getting to go to events like that the best. but every now and then being a sports caster comes with its problems. check out this reporter getting into problems with a fan.
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>> go ahead, it worked in practice. >> ouch. that is minneapolis sports reporter named lee blasik that was her camera man who -- actually belted her from behind there. happy to report, she is okay. she takes a hit just fine. >> what was he thinking? >> he was getting a little -- he was supposed to run right by her. you know. >> she takes one for the team. >> active reporter. >> the bar pilot, thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. thank you so much for joining us.
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